The way I see it

Don't beg – choose

You are, as you are, one of God's greatest creations

Be the best person you can be
Love the person that you see

.Take the courage and make small changes, one at a time, in your life

Do things that make you happy

Be humble

Never be too full of yourself, nor your very important opinions. It prevents you from really listening, from receiving any assistance, and from actually learning something new, hence allowing yourself to evolve

Understand and face your fears, for they are not the ones to hold you back – you are

Take charge of your fears, your habits, your ego, your weaknesses, your deepest needs. You are the king/queen of your kingdom, and they don't get to be anything more than very opinionated advisors

And never apologize for who you are
You are who you choose to be, and your life is yours only. For better or worse

Own it